What Course is best for Me

Learning the skills that are relevant to your workplace, family or recreational situation are important if you really want to KNOW what to do. This will help you decide which course is best for you.

CPR & Provide First Aid

Can be regarded as the entry level course that meets most workplace requirements providing a good grounding in First Aid. It is also meets the workplace level 2 Australian standards for the workplace first aider.

However the training assumes you are in an urban environment where definitive medical care (the ambulance in most cases) is no more than 30 – 40 minutes away. The agreed definition is that over 30 minutes is regarded as ‘remote’.

Remote First Aid

This is where definitive medical care is more than 1 hour, but less than 24 hours away due to distance, transport, communication, weather or access. It is important to understand the impact on your location and the access to the casualty on this. If the nature of your work or recreation means that access to you is delayed, you could easily be in a situation where you might have to manage a casualty for more than an hour whilst the ambulance or paramedics make their way to you.

Wilderness First Aid

This is where definitive medical care could be 24 hours or more away. You will learn the skills to enable you to manage a casualty and a group in a remote or wilderness area and to manage an emergency situation for a protracted period of time. If you are leading an expiation or group we would strongly recommend taking a qualified paramedic with you.

Wilderness First Responder

This course builds upon Wilderness First Aid teaching you the knowledge that you require to make the best decision, and the skills to effectively find, rescue and manage a casualty.

Advanced Resuscitation

You will learn the knowledge and skills to Perform CPR, operate External Defibrillator Equipment, Oxygen Equipment and more advanced resuscitation techniques.

Advanced First Aid

This is aimed at Queensland Ambulance Officers (QAS) and those working in or Managing a First Aid room.

Emergency First Aid in an Education and Childcare setting

This course builds upon the Provide First Aid course and is for those who work in a Child Care Centre, Family Day Care, Outside Hour School Care, After Hour School Care or in an Education and Care setting.

This course is approved by ACECQA and this qualification satisfies all requirements for first aid, anaphylaxis management and emergency asthma training including Management Plans.

First Aid for Parents

How you respond in the first few minutes could save your child or grandchild’s life. If you want to know what to do, then this course is for you. This is a non-accredited course which means that we can focus on what Parents want to know.


First Aid for Seniors

Seniors have different medical requirements so if you want to know what to do for your loved one and recognise common medical emergencies, then sign up for this course. This is a non-accredited course which means that we can focus on what you want to know.

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