Wilderness First Responder

Wilderness-Resp-Image-3Wilderness First Responder training

“The essence of Wilderness First Aid may rest not initially in the treatment of the casualty but in the necessity to first locate them”.

Because Search & Rescue is a fundamental requirement for Wilderness First Aiders we have developed this course, unique in Australia, to include specific training in search & rescue, communications systems and equipment, evacuation and emergency response coordination.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is a practical 4 day course held in a REMOTE AREA that will equip you with the required skills and knowledge to cope with remote incidents. It covers all the elements in challenging realistic scenarios that pull all these skills together. At least one scenario will be night based. This course will challenge your knowledge and decision making skills.

What is a remote area?: Any area which could be 40 – 60 minutes (but less than 24hrs) away from medical help due to distance, transport, communication, weather or access.

Who should do these courses? Outdoor Instructors,Guides, teachers or group leaders. Anyone who works or plays 30 minutes or more away from emergency services.

Wilderness First Responder courses includes the following qualifications:

Modular for your convenience. Just require Remote or Wilderness First Aid, attend the first part of the course only. Require just the Search and Rescue, come along only for that part of the course.

Pre-work = minimum time away. All the courses involve pre-work which means more time doing practical scenarios and training.

Pre-requisites: HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid

Courses, sequencing, cost and duration

A current First Aid certificate is required as a prerequisite to enrolment. * Includes Nationally accredited certification, pre-course work and excludes any accommodation, meals or site fees if applicable. † Based on RPL

For persons with requisite experience and students of Outdoor Recreation the price may be reduced to $695.00

In remote or wilderness circumstances, should an accident occur, you are required to make safe and maintain the well-being of the casualty.  You are required to exercise sound judgement to manage a casualty and your crew and to decide whether to sit tight or to evacuate.

Wilderness-Resp-Image-The Wilderness First Responder course will teach you the knowledge that you require to make the best decision, and the skills to effectively rescue and manage a casualty.

The learning outcomes are drawn directly from the National Training Package for Outdoor Recreation.  This ensures that your training is up-to-date and relevant to the requirements and risk assessments of the outdoor industry.Assessment from qualified and experienced trainers is ongoing throughout the program.  In this manner we re-enforce your training through realistic rescue and evacuation scenarios including Land Search Operations.

An overview of some of the topics covered are provided below, full course details can be provided on request, or visit the link provided below.



These courses are run in conjunction with Worthwild Adventure Training. To find out more contact us