Safe International Travel Training

Safe International Travel Training

Accidents and incidents can happen but most issues can be avoided by good planning and preparation. This Safe International Travel Training course will help you get the most out of your travel and Know What To Do if things do go wrong.

Safe International Travel Training

Let’s hope you’re prepared

Expectation – International travel is glamorous, you get paid to travel to amazing destinations, see fantastic things, meet people, eat local cuisine and shop in fashionable places.

Reality – International travel is hard work. You fly long hours, have to navigate your way to the hotel, overcome language barriers, stay one night, do your pitch whilst jet-lagged, move on to the next hotel, deal with changes/issues along the way and fall asleep exhausted with a takeout meal. You wake up, shower and repeat…..Occasionally you will manage some time out and achieve that expectation.

International travel is hard work, you need to be fit, organised and prepared.

We all know that unexpected disasters can happen to anyone…… two people embarking on exactly the same trip, could come across exactly the same issues and be exposed to exactly the same circumstances. One traveller will sail through and have a great time whilst the other will have a disastrous time and may have to abort the trip fly back early.

This training is to help ensure you have the former experience and not the latter!

If you are new to international travel, there is a lot to consider.
If you’re a seasoned traveller, this course provides plenty of additional useful tips and a platform to share your knowledge,
Safe International Travel Training is a non-accredited course.

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Structure of the Course

The course is structured into 7 modules.
Safe International Travel Training – Module 1 – Introduction
– Module 2 – Before you go
– Module 3 – Getting there
– Module 4 – Whilst you are there
– Module 5 – When things go wrong?
                   – And what to do about it
– Module 6 – Afterwards

Module1 – Introduction

Firstly, click on the link to Meet your facilitator.

Here are some stories from previous International trips…..what would you do?

“I had a visit to Dublin for work. I assumed Dublin was a safe city so I just booked a hotel room on-line. It was early evening and dark and I was getting a taxi to the Hotel. My taxi driver asked me why I was staying there and was I meeting anyone there. I explained I’d just booked it. The taxi driver told me it wasn’t in a good part of town. When we got there, I knew what he meant! In fact he was so concerned that he walked me into the hotel and waited with me until the receptionist checked me in. He then insisted that the receptionist have me escorted to my room. I was asked if I’d eaten, and I had. They said ‘good, lock your door and stay in the room till morning’. All night I heard breaking bottles, shouting… really wasn’t a good part of town. That taught me to do my research!!”

“I was travelling back to Manilla with a co-worker and left my sunglasses on the plane, so went back to get them. This took a good five minutes. The delay was enough to put us behind all the other passengers as we transited to the other Terminal which was a bus drive away. By the time we got there the transfer bus was full. We looked for a taxi. As we walked to the rank, someone who appeared ‘official’ pointed us in the direction of one set of taxis and not the other which I thought was a bit strange, but didn’t do anything. We were talking to the taxi rank ‘manager’ and the driver about the fare to the other Terminal when all of a sudden this other man came bursting in demanding money for the trip. My co-worker went to get her wallet out to check if we had enough, but I knew that was a bad move and that we had to go. I told the man that we didn’t need his help thank you and bundled my co-worker into the taxi to get out of there. I’m sure it was a scam as the taxi rank ‘manager’ did nothing. It was a scam to get money out of ‘tourists’. “

“I had to go to Monterrey, Mexico. I had booked a good hotel that I was happy with and I asked the travel agent how I could get to the University by public transport. He came back saying there was NO WAY I could get public transport as it was very unsafe.

There was heavy security at the hotel and armed soldiers and the entrance to the University…..I had no idea it was so dangerous, I dread to think what would have happened if I had just worked out how to get there by public transport by myself. I’m so glad I asked.

I was tired, I’d been travelling for 24 hours and it was my first trip to New York. As I was walking out to get a taxi I was approached and asked if I wanted a taxi. I said yes and followed. I followed him away from the taxi rank and into the public carpark and got in the back of his SUV. It finally dawned on me how utterly stupid I had just been and why on earth had I let this happen! Be careful, tiredness makes your brain foggy.”

Module 2 – Before you go

Task 1

Please fill out the  questionnaire, it’s the first step in preparing for safe international travel.
If you do not have a trip planned, make up a realistic scenario based on what you typically might be expected to do.
The medical section does not need to be completed as part of the training, but is an important part of the preparation.
Once you have completed it, save it as Questionnaire (and your name) and email it to your facilitator:
Any questions, please just get in touch.

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